Kick-Down Cable Replacement

What is the Kick-Down Cable all about?

The car transmission kick-down cable is an essential part of any vehicle, whether it’s fuel injected or carbureted. It works to move the transmission into a higher gear when the engine revs. It is mounted to the throttle body on fuel-injected cars, and to the carburetor’s butterfly arm on carbureted models. It delivers fuel to the engine. The cable is set to a specified length, allowing for a bit of play. If it’s too slack, the transmission will shift slowly into the next gear, and if it’s not sufficiently slack, then the kick-down will happen too quickly.

Keep in mind:

  • Kick-down cable replacement is not a part of your routine maintenance.
  • The kick-down cable is standard equipment on every vehicle, regardless of transmission type.
  • Aftermarket kick-down cables are also available.
  • Shifting problems can be due to other issues besides a faulty kick-down cable.

How it's done:

  • The kick-down cable is verified to see if it needs to be replaced
  • The defective kick-down cable is removed
  • The new kick-down cable is installed and adjusted
  • The kick-down cable is tested for operation
  • The transmission is tested to ensure proper operation of the kick-down cable.

Our recommendation:

Effective shifting is essential to any vehicle, regardless of whether it is equipped with an automatic or a manual transmission. If you’re experiencing problems shifting, this could present a danger in traffic, see one of our expert mechanics for any shifting difficulties.

What common symptoms indicate you may need to replace the Kick-Down Cable?

  • Car shifts too slowly
  • Car shifts too quickly – seems to “jump” into the next gear

How important is this service?

Shifting problems shouldn’t be ignored. This is a safety issue, and if you’re experiencing trouble with your car shifting improperly, you should drive as little as possible. Have one of our expert mechanics diagnose the cause of the problem.

How can we help?

Tell us what the problem is (e.g the car is not starting or I need new shock absorbers). What kind of car you drive and your contact information.

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