Radiator Drain Cock Replacement

What is the Radiator Drain Cock all about?

There are few systems as critical to continued engine performance as your radiator. While engine oil provides essential lubrication, coolant is responsible for absorbing heat that would otherwise damage the engine. Coolant is sent through a network of hoses, tubes and run channels, and then redirected back to the radiator. Here, moving air (either from driving down the road, or blown over the radiator by the cooling fan or fans) dissipates the heat before the coolant is sent back into the engine.

Every now and then, coolant has to be changed. Over time and through normal use, it loses its ability to protect your engine from extremes of hot and cold. To do this, you must be able to drain the coolant out of the radiator. Your radiator drain cock allows you to do just that. It’s an incredibly simple part with a very important job. Just twist the drain cock, and coolant is allowed to drain out. Twist it back, and it seals the radiator once more, allowing you to refill with fresh coolant.

Keep in mind:

  • Unless you’re under the car, you won’t ever see the radiator drain cock.
  • While rare, damage and wear do happen to the drain cock on the radiator.
  • Leaking seals and damaged threads are the most common types of damage.
  • Without a functional drain cock, coolant will leak out of your radiator.

How it's done:

  • The coolant is allowed to cool and is then drained
  • The defective radiator drain cock is removed
  • The new coolant drain cock is installed and tightened
  • The coolant is filled and coolant system is bled of air
  • The engine is run and road tested for proper cooling system operation

Our recommendation:

While it might be a very simple component, your radiator drain cock is very important. Damage in the form of stripped threads or nicked seals can wreak havoc on your engine. Even a minor leak from the drain cock can cause problems as the coolant level in your engine drops. If you suspect the radiator drain cock is leaking, or have noticed coolant on the ground under your engine, have it inspected and replaced by one of our expert mechanics.

What common symptoms indicate you may need to replace the Radiator Drain Cock?

  • Coolant on the ground under the radiator
  • Coolant leaking around the drain cock
  • Drain cock threads are stripped

How important is this service?

Radiator drain cock replacement is of critical importance. You must have a sealed and operational coolant system. If you suspect that the drain cock is damaged or leaking, have our expert mechanics diagnose the situation immediately.

How can we help?

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