Car AC Condenser Fan Replacement

What is the AC Condenser Fan all about?

The AC condenser converts the AC gas (refrigerant) into a liquid form. In this process, it generates a lot of heat in the AC system. The job of the AC condenser fan is to remove the heat from the AC system by blowing air across the condenser. By removing the heat from the system, it keeps the pressure in the AC system down allowing the AC to provide the coolest air possible.

Keep in mind:

If you use the AC when the fan is not working, the AC will generate hot air. It will severely damage the major components in the AC system.

How it's done:

  • Use the gauge to measure the pressure.
  • Verify fan is not turning on when AC is on.
  • Check for power and ground at AC fan.
  • Check AC fan relay and fuses.
  • Remove and replace faulty fan assembly.
  • Check for proper operation of the fan.

Our recommendation:

The AC system is a sealed unit. It is not something you will inspect or service unless you notice a change. If you notice a change in the temperature of the air through the AC vents (not as cold as it should be), schedule an inspection.

What common symptoms indicate you may need to replace the AC Condenser Fan?

  • Air conditioning is not as cold as it should be.
  • Air conditioning does not work at all.

How important is this service?

In addition to your comfort, air conditioning systems add value to your vehicle. You should keep your AC fully operational. In some systems, the hot and cold air are blended to achieve the desired temperature setting. In these cases, when the AC system fails, in addition to not getting any cold air, the entire temperature regulation can be thrown off.

How can we help?

Tell us what the problem is (e.g the car is not starting or I need new shock absorbers). What kind of car you drive and your contact information.

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