Power Steering Fluid Reservoir Replacement

What is the Power Steering Fluid Reservoir all about?

The power steering system enables you to turn the steering wheel easily. When the car is not running, it is extremely hard to turn the steering wheel and the tires. When the car is running, it is the power steering system that helps you turn the steering wheel so easily.

The power steering system includes: power steering pump, fluid, belt, hoses and steering gear (rack and pinion). The steering gear connects the steering wheel to the stub axles. When you turn the steering wheel, the power steering pump sends fluid to the steering gear that applies the pressure needed to turn the tires.

If the power steering reservoir is low, the steering will become harder to manipulate. You may see fluid (power steering fluid) underneath your car.

Keep in mind:

You may have more than one vehicle component leaking Your Mechanic will perform an inspection and advise you of the findings. The mechanic will recommend replacing any visibly leaking parts and may also recommend that the engine be steam cleaned to better see any other leakage problems.

How it's done:

  • Check for power steering fluid leak.
  • Replace the reservoir if it is leaking.
  • Inspect for leaks again.

Our recommendation:

If you see fluid on the driveway, have a mechanic inspect for leaks as soon as possible. If you continue to drive the car with low power steering fluid, it can damage the pump.

What common symptoms indicate you may need to replace the Power Steering Fluid Reservoir?

  • Turning the steering wheel is difficult.
  • Power steering fluid is leaking.
  • Groaning-like noise when you turn the steering wheel.

How important is this service?

Your power steering system helps you turn the wheels of your car easily and efficiently. The system relies on pressure form steering fluid to help turn the wheels, and this fluid is kept in the steering fluid reservoir. When you turn your steering wheel, the power steering pump pulls fluid from the reservoir, and sends it to the rack and pinion steering gear, where the pressure from the fluid is used to help the wheels turn. Without this fluid, your steering is not power-assisted.

When the power steering fluid reservoir breaks, the system cannot hold the power steering fluid. When this happens, little or no fluid is sent to the wheels, negating the power steering system, and making it much harder and more dangerous for you to turn your wheels.

How can we help?

Tell us what the problem is (e.g the car is not starting or I need new shock absorbers). What kind of car you drive and your contact information.

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