Power Steering Pressure Hose Replacement

What is the Power Steering Pressure Hose all about?

The power steering system enables you to turn the steering wheel easily. When the car is not running, it is extremely hard to turn the steering wheel and the tires. When the car is running, it is the power steering system that helps you turn the steering wheel so easily.

The power steering system includes: power steering pump, fluid, belt, hoses and steering gear (rack and pinion). The steering gear connects the steering wheel to the stub axles. When you turn the steering wheel, the power steering pump sends fluid to the steering gear that applies the pressure needed to turn the wheels.

If the power steering hoses leak, the steering will become harder to turn. You may see clear or red fluid (power steering fluid) underneath your car.

Keep in mind:

  • When one power steering hose needs to be replaced, all power steering hoses should be replaced.
  • If your vehicle has a filter in the power steering fluid reservoir, then the entire system should be flushed when the power steering hoses are replaced.
  • When the power steering hoses are replaced, the entire power steering system should be inspected.

How it's done:

  • Inspect for power steering leaks.
  • Identify the hose that is leaking.
  • Replace the hose(s).
  • Fill with power steering fluid.
  • Check the power steering system.

Our recommendation:

Your power steering system should be checked during routine inspections and maintenance. Hoses are one of the more fragile aspects of a car, so if an element of your power steering is being repaired, it’s a good idea to have the hoses replaced as a preemptive measure. Otherwise, schedule an inspection if you notice any fluid leaking from your power steering system.

What common symptoms indicate you may need to replace the Power Steering Pressure Hose?

  • Turning the steering wheel is difficult.
  • Power steering fluid is leaking.
  • Groaning-like noise when you turn the steering wheel.

How important is this service?

Your power steering system assists you in steering your vehicle. Without help, it is incredibly difficult to turn your wheels, but your power steering makes it possible. When you turn the steering wheel (when the car is running), the power steering pump takes fluid from the power steering fluid reservoir, and sends it to the steering gear. At the steering gear, this fluid is used as pressure to help turn the wheels one way or the other. This fluid is transported from the reservoir to the steering gear via the power steering hoses. If these hoses break, they won’t be able to carry fluid to the steering gear, and your wheels won’t have any assistance when you turn the steering wheel. If the power steering hoses begin to leak, the power steering system will lose fluid, and the pressure that the system creates will decrease dramatically. In both of these cases, it will be extremely difficult and dangerous to steer your vehicle.

How can we help?

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