Transmission fluid is leaking Inspection

What does Transmission fluid is leaking entail

A top-rated mobile mechanic will come to your home or office to determine the source and cause of the transmission fluid leak, and will then provide a detailed inspection report that includes the scope and cost of the necessary repairs.

How it's done

  • The mechanic will inspect your car based on where the leak is occurring. Sometimes the dripping of the transmission fluid can tell a mechanic exactly where the leak is. Other times, the fluid will follow a path of least resistance and travel to a different area. If it is a loose part, the mechanic will tighten it, and if it is a cracked or damaged part, the mechanic will have to replace it and will provide an estimate for the work.

How can we help?

Tell us what the problem is (e.g the car is not starting or I need new shock absorbers). What kind of car you drive and your contact information.

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