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September 4, 2017

Some car owners out there acquire cheap used cars and drive them until they can no longer move. They neither perform basic servicing nor replace broken parts. They end up using the car until it belches black smoke and the tires are totally worn out. Then they will say that they received a raw deal.

Although car servicing is not a legal requirement, it is such a SIGNIFICANT procedure. New cars are also not on the clear but also need constant servicing especially after the first two years of usage. When you see a service icon light up on your dashboard, you shouldn’t ignore it. Here are some reasons your car needs regular servicing.



Numerous accidents occur on our roads due to assumed servicing sessions. Although many will go on to blame reckless driving, often, poor car servicing causes most of these accidents. Servicing ensures that critical components such as the brake systems and suspension come to your aid when you need them the most. If a car sounds okay, it does not mean it is doing fine. Since wear and tear happens gradually, it is often difficult to tell the condition of a car until an accident occurs.


Better Performance

Lack of maintenance will cause your car not to run efficiently. Engine oil with sediments will slow down the engine’s functionality. Similarly, worn out spark plugs will reduce the power for fuel detonation. Without occasional servicing, you may not experience the optimal state of your car.


Reduction of Pollution

Vehicle emissions have been listed among major pollution sources. An unmaintained car produces smoke due to incomplete combustion of fuel. Consistently and regularly servicing a vehicle avoids the release of harmful fumes into the environment.


Save Money

Avoiding car maintenance thinking that you’re saving money is self-deception. Servicing a car ensures that a person identifies the problem early enough and correct it before the situation deteriorates. For instance, replacing the engine oil is as important but avoiding it can cause the engine to knock which will need extremely high costs for replacements and repairs. Constant servicing also ensures that the vehicle functions with efficiency and saves you the extra money for fuel.

High Resale Value

People who love buying used cars are always adamant about the servicing history of a particular vehicle. They need to know the quality of the car and whether the original owner has been taking care of it. A well-serviced vehicle will fetch a higher price and get sold quickly than a vehicle that has no clear service history.


Increase Longevity

Occasional servicing increases the lifespan of a vehicle. How well you treat the car will determine how long it will function. Servicing it regularly will ensure that it continues to serve your needs for an extended period.

A car is an important asset. Servicing it is a CRITICAL component of owning a motor vehicle. It ensures that the car continues to serve its purpose while avoiding it from being a liability in your garage. Get a qualified car mechanic to perform all your servicing and maintenance needs.